The Carathan Empire staggers under the weight of its own orthodoxy, as threats loom from every direction.

A new Host gathers in the shadowed and corrupted blight of the Chaos March. Can the beleaguered North stand against another invasion? Who is left to come to their aid?

Black-blood Clans continue their destructive exodus into the West March. Imperial Legions gather to stave off the horde, but will they be enough?

As the West burns, the secretive Eighth House continues its plans to destabilise the Empire from within. The Assemblage of Lords is rooted with fear, and the influence of the seven Great Houses wanes with every passing month.

To the south another conflict looms as ships, both Imperial and Surayan, are lost. Both great powers come ever closer to war; diplomats are ousted; and trade breaks down.

Against the backdrop of war, destruction, and death there seems little hope but, for the brave, this is a time of opportunity. When empires splinter, kingdoms can be forged.

Savage Legends: Splintered

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