A wild orphan and sole survivor of Elara's Halfway House


Jeva is a skinny, fourteen year old girl. She is small for her age, but her size may be as much malnourishment as nature. She is still dressed in the tattered green dress that she wore when she escaped the fire that consumed Elara’s Halfway House. She has reddish-brown hair – normally tangled and filled with brambles, leaves, and twigs – and a slew of freckles over her cheeks.


Jeva was an orphan taken in by Mistress Elara and raised at the Halfway House outside of Falcon’s Hollow. She is the only survivor of a terrible fire that killed all of the other occupants. She has been living in the nearby Darkmoon Wood, fearful of returning to the township in case she is blamed for the blaze.

After accompanying a group of heroes on a quest to rescue some abducted children, Jeva has settled in Falcon’s Hollow.

She is quite attached to the hero, Sonia Gudmensen.


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