A mystic of the Truescale Qur'Draak


Kerrdremak, while larger than many of his brethren, is quite deformed. He has a large hunch and his facial features are distractedly lop-sided. He bears significant patches of blue scales – a rarity among the Qur’Draak.


This canny dwarf has traded his hindrance into a powerful advantage. Most of his tribe now believe that his deformity is a blessing from their gods, and Kerrdremak has a reputation for getting things done. Obviously this has made him a threat to Merlokep – King of the Truescale – and Kerrdremak is often sent on dangerous scouting missions.

Kerrdremak would like nothing more than to take over the tribe – if the King happens to die in a coup, so much the better.

Following the events in ‘ Crown of the Qur’Draak King‘, Kerrdremak has assumed the position of Priest-King of the Truescale Qur’Draak. He also brokered a deal not to harass or attack the people of Falcon’s Hollow.


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