A moss-born wanderer, following her visions.


Raina is a most at home in a forest. Skilled at tracking, survival and stealth. Her uncle taught her to use a sword, natural speed and agility make her a deadly foe. She was taught that there is no second place in a sword fight, therefore you do anything to win. Tricks and dirty fighting form a core to her fighting technique.


Raina is an orphan. She never knew who her father was and her mother died in child birth. She was raised by her mother’s sister and her husband, until they were killed by a human raiding party. Her aunt and uncle were trapped within their home while it burnt to the ground.

Raina’s aunt was a Keeper; she knew the oral histories of her tribe and passed these onto the younger generations. Raina was an avid student and learned much about the traditions and legends of the moss-born, some dating back to a time before the Sundering.

Ever since Raina was a small girl she has had vivid dreams. Many nights she would awaken screaming in her aunt’s arms. A recurring theme was of being trapped and burnt alive. News of her dreaming was not welcomed by the residents of her village. The adults just ignored her but the children taunted her that she was not normal and crazy people like her should be banished. Her aunt was convinced that Raina’s dreams are a gift from the ancients, a portent of things to come. Raina just thought they were just a curse, until the day she stood before the smoking ruins of her Aunt’s house.

Lately Raina’s dreams of the darkness blotting out the light have brought her far into the west. She wants to prove that she is not crazy and is prepared to die trying.


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