Sonia Gudmensen

Merchant's daughter and Imperial scholar


A slim, young woman. Sonia is still obviously weakened from her long convalescence and time spent in the library’s of the temple. Her wasted and tired condition may return to its previous beauty with time but the haunted look in her eyes may never fade. The return to the woods and trails seems to have awakened something long buried inside her though.

Her fingers seem almost permanently etched with ink stains from the ink and journal she constantly carries. At times her staff almost seems to hold her up more than the other way around. Her bow is a sturdy, solid looking weapon of old design with some delicate scroll work incorporated in its desugn, a gift from her father to keep her safe in her journey.


One of many children of the trader Hendrix Gudmansen and his wife Sylvinia, Sonia spent most of her early years on the road. She loved the travel and would talk to everyone that they would meet rapidly learning more and more about other cultures and people and their ways and customs.

When she was older her father finally settled down and began to build a trading company with her brothers and other relatives running the caravans. It was while she was with one of these that she fell in love with Olaf the caravans guide and woodsman. Then one day while he was out with her teaching her woods lore they were attacked by Blackbloods, during the fight she froze and watched as he was killed trying to protect her. She fled wounded, shaken and heart broken.

Her father sent her to the temples for healing and instruction and while there they put her language skills to great use in the libraries. Her health has not gotten better as her wounds healed due to the many hours spent inside in instruction or scribing so the temple has put her on the road as part of her duties in the hope that it will help cure all her ailments..

Gone is the brash, confident young girl and in her place a hesitant and healing young woman searching for meaning and reason

Sonia Gudmensen

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