I craft my stories by standing on the shoulders of giants – people far more creative or clever than I am. Here I will list and – where possible – link to the people that have created assets I use on this site.

All rights remain with the creators of these assets and should a rights-holder wish their content to be removed they can contact me on


All art assets have been used without permission unless otherwise stated.

Background image is “Medieval City” by Geisteg @
Header image is “myrrdin_movie_project” by donmalo @

Various maps & art are from the Pathfinder product lines by Paizo


The CSS used on the site is was written by stealing copying code from the helpful people in the OP forums.

Special thanks to alex_redeye – his Dragon Age: Requiem campaign is a wonder to behold and he was kind enough to point me in the direction of his CSS page.

Killervp makes his site CSS available on the A God…Rebuilt campaign. It was this contribution to the community that got me started on trying to make Splintered a more interesting place to visit.


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