Elara's Halfway House

Elara’s Halfway House

For years, Elara’s Halfway House took in the itinerant children of Falcon’s Hollow and offered shelter to the numerous war orphans left in the wake of the black-blood invasion. A few months ago (Septus, 3021 PA) the orphanage burned to the ground in a mysterious fire. Every child and the headmistress perished in the tragic blaze, their only epitaph a charred husk of sooty timbers.


In 3022 PA, adventurers made the following discoveries:

  • Elara is widely regarded as a saint in the nearby town of Falcon;s Hollow. It is hard to find anyone willing to speak ill of her.
  • Upon examining the scene, Damian & Kiera determine that the fire was deliberately started.
  • Implements and evidence of torture is found in the cellar, as well as the body of Elara. It appears that the mistress met with a violent end.
  • A survivor is found, a girl name Jeva. She claims not to know how the fire started but fears that she will be blamed and has been hiding ever since.

Elara's Halfway House

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