forge spurned


When a dwarven worshiper of Droskar perishes, he is brought before his divine lord and judged. If the Master of the Dark Furnace finds him unworthy he is pierced with burning barbs and returned to the world as an undead terror on an accursed
errand to gather souls for Droskar’s Furnace.

The penance varies depending on how displeased the master is with his subject. Lesser offenders need only capture ten or twenty souls to appease Droskar. Others are condemned to spend several lifetimes gathering hundreds of souls to earn a reprieve from their fiery torment. Most of these accursed cast offs are dwarven smiths, warriors, or clanlords who failed to please the Master of the Dark Furnace in life. They are consumed with their need to forge their soul chains and prey upon any creature they feel they can easily best.

Forge spurned often haunt their former homes, skulking in darkened dwarven halls or among the ruins of their people’s past glory. They prefer to remain below the earth where their malevolent soul forging goes unnoticed by others. Forge-spurned often lair near magma vents, lakes of lava, or other hot environs that facilitate their sinister toil.


forge spurned

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