Mossborn Mythology

Moss-born Mythology

Duria & Limemel

Before time there was nothing. A vast void in which no light shined, nothing moved, one vast frozen expanse. Over this void one being reigned, an entity of limitless power, just as the void knows no limits. The entity rejoiced in its power knowing that no other would ever be its equal as time does not exist within the void. However the entity was not content, what was limitless power if no one existed to acknowledge it. So the entity split in two. Duria the lord of the dark and the void, confident in the power of the void. Limemel, mistress of light and creation, his subservient spouse.

Duria was content. He had limitless power, an obedient wife to acknowledge his superiority. Limemel was less happy, she had nothing to exert her power over and had to follow her husbands ever command. She slowly marshaled her power and released it in one almighty explosion of creation. Suddenly there was light, time started, worlds were created and life began. Duria was furious and demanded that his spouse destroy what she had created. She refused as this was hers, outside of the dark and void. In this her power was equal to her husbands. Duria could not directly destroy what Limemel had created as he had given away his domain over creation.

Mossborn Mythology

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