Before the Sundering, the Dwarven people paid homage to a vast pantheon of spirits called Primevals. The essence of these entities was believed to span Mundus, the Umbra, and a host of other planes of existence.

The Primevals represented virtually aspect of the world, from the winds and seas to emotions and ways of life. There were a dozen Primevals for different types of fire, and over a hundred for stones and metals. Much of this knowledge has been lost or cast aside during the dwarven exile, but there are fragments still to be found.

The Pantheon

A (very) partial list of Primevals:

Euron: The East Wind, embodying speed.
Noton: The South Wind, Life Giver, embodying new things.
Borean: The North Wind, representing fierce anger.
Zephyn: The West Wind, representing rash action.
Sciron: The child of Borean and Zephyn, embodying clarity and strength of purpose.

Torag: The Stonemason, embodying honest craftsmanship.
Droskar: The Overseer, representing toil and labour.


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