Western Hinterland

The Western Hinterland

The hinterlands of the West March are a large swath of highlands west and north of Tor Egan. This is an old place, full of dark secrets from before the Sundering and is only sparsely settled.

Some hardy citizens have made their homes here, and tend to be fiercely independent. They are too far from civilisation to depend on Imperial Legions for protection, even more so since the Black Blood invasion, and pay only lip-service to Imperial customs. The folk of the hinterlands are a pocket of difference in a land choking on ritual, conformity, and tradition.

Much of the Western Hinterlands is undeveloped and, for good reason, unexplored. There are dark and dangerous entities, ruins best left untouched, and heretic cults hiding in the ancient valleys and forests. Wise folk know to lock their doors at night, and never venture far from safety.

The Western Hinterlands lie outside the area affected by the Black Blood war parties, and is dangerous enough to dissuade most refugees. Even so, the economy in the area – sluggish at the best of times – is failing. Traders from Tor Egan no longer travel the area, and there was never much trade from elsewhere. Some hardy merchants still ply their trade between the scattered settlements, but there is less and less profit to be had as the seasons turn.

Despite the danger and lack of civilisation, the hinterlands have much to offer. The timber here is the finest outside of the East March, and there are abandoned dwarven mines full of metals and precious stones. Elven ruins contain wondrous relics of an age past, should an explorer have the wits to avoid the deadly guardians.

Western Hinterland

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