A former Spear-sergeant turned mercenary


Standing 6’3" tall, with broad shoulders and an impressive natural physique, Cade is an intimidating presence. Close shaved hair and a multitude of battle scars mark him as a soldier, as do the Legion tattoos on his arms.


Cade signed up to Legio VII Equo in 3008 PA, when he was 16. He survived the Battle of Glimerin Fords (3017 PA), despite a serious wound. Once recovered, Cade was rotated into Legio XII Princeps, where he earned a promotion to Spear-sergeant. He continued to serve with distinction, until he was wounded again during the March of Spears (3022 PA). He was mustered out but soon hired by a mercenary company operating in the West March.

Cade is a natural soldier and a canny opponent. Despite his methodical brutality on the battlefield, once combat ends, he shows an easy camaraderie and rough sense of honour.


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