A trader plying the hinterlands of the West March


Engrit is a tall, stern man, well used to being obeyed. Bushy dark brows perch above deep set eyes, and his hooked nose has obviously been broken at some point in the past. He is clean shaven, as is the custom among high-born West Marchers.

Engrit dresses conservatively in the manner of a West Marcher, with a faded tartan cloak hinting at a noble lineage. He has a deep voice and does not mince words. When he does speak, it is with authority.


He is well known to the villages and towns that dot the hinterlands of the West March, bringing staple goods such as salt, iron stock, and cloth.

Engrit is also known for being generous with food and wine for his guards and drovers but miserly with his coin. Those who deal with him soon learn that he is always looking for the profit in the situation and is ruthless at exploiting a perceived weakness.


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