Thuldrin ban-Kreed

Tyrannical leader of Falcon's Hollow


As the gavel (or local leader) of the lumber consortium, the cold and cruel Thuldrin Kreed exerts almost absolute control over Falcon’s Hollow and its assets. Thus, he exerts almost absolute control over its people as well. Almost universally loathed by the town’s residents, Kreed exults in his position and does as he pleases, whenever he pleases. His many cruel whims include murdering those who anger him (even in broad daylight in front of witnesses), public rape (he seems to particularly enjoy consummating marriages on behalf of outraged newlywed grooms), and random whippings on those who don’t move aside fast enough (he usually carries a riding whip for just such a purpose).

Thuldrin Kreed has actually mellowed somewhat in the past few years, occasionally restraining his mercurial malice. Despite his well-known evil ways, Kreed seems intent on caring for those victimized by bad luck (although those who fall victim to their own stupidity evoke no compassion from him). The sight of Kreed offering food or coin to a lumberjack injured in the line of duty (particularly those attacked by Darkmoon Wood’s inhuman denizens) is not a rarity.

Thuldrin ban-Kreed

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