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  • skitarii

    h2. Skitarii Skitarii (Sk-TAR-ree-eye) is the term used for irregular House Auxilia placed under the direct command of the Warmaster. Among the hardiest and most resourceful soldiers available to an Imperial commander, the Skitarii are scouts, …

  • Legion List

    h2. List if Imperial Legions The Imperial Legions have a long and proud history, and the feats of each legion are part and parcel of its tradition. The current list of Imperial Legions: * *Legio I Praetoria (The Emperor's Own)* - the honour guard …

  • Legion Organisation

    'O Brother, sling your shield, O Sister, raise your spear. ‘Tis off to war we march, And death we shall not fear.' from the songs of the Second Cohort of the Tower.