Ban Olfden

Ban Olfden

Although Ban Olfden is more than twice the size of Falcon’s Hollow, it offers less than half the excitement. The people of Ban Olfden are not stupid, and they can see the end of logging revenue in the future—not in their lifetimes, perhaps, but likely in the lives of their children or grandchildren. As a result, Ban Olfden continues to look for new ways to survive in a wild and undeveloped region. It has also taken in a fair share of refugees, casting a faint shadow of desperation over the town.

With a relatively recent upsurge of interest in the Five Kings Mountains, Droskar’s Crag, and Darkmoon Vale in general, Ban Olfden has positioned itself as a base of operations for exploratory groups and mercenaries. Where Falcon’s Hollow provides plenty of opportunities for adventure, Ban Olfden provides soldiers and mercenaries with plenty of goods and services they need. Dozens of small shops, inns, and other businesses cater to the needs of the courageous.

Situated west of Falcon’s Hollow and perched on a low cliff along the Elberwick Rise, Ban Olfden acts as the major civilizing element in the wide dale. With the help of the Imperial Garrison (whose headquarters, Adamas, stands only a few miles away), Ban Olfden works constantly to suppress the area’s dangers and to ensure the safe passage of darkwood-laden convoys.

Ban Olfden provides a relatively safe place to live for its inhabitants, as well as enough diversions—both classy and decidedly not—to make the town a bearable place to live. It has a small population of residents that are wealthy enough to claim equites status, and several scions of minor houses associated with the Lumber Consortium also make their homes here.

Points of Interest

Merchant’s Rest: A large and sturdy inn run by the equally large and sturdy Magda Ulfgood, the Rest caters to traders and merchants who pass through the town. It is located quite close to one of the town gates and has a yard large enough to accommodate up to 20 wagons. Magda directs a small army of scullions, stable-hands, and maids with the curt efficiency of a drill sergeant. She is a pious woman and guests are expected to behave in a sober and respectful fashion.

The Silver Dog: A run down establishment in a run-down part of town, this tavern caters to mercenaries and travelers that can’t afford to drink anywhere else. It is the home base of Gant’s Guards, one of the largest mercenary companies in Ban Olfden, and their obese agent, Thurber, is usually found within.

Old Town: Once the wealthy heart of Ban Olfden, this section of town has fallen into disrepair and is ill favoured. Several large houses, abandoned long ago by their owners, are occupied by refugee squatters. Guie ban-Clanthorne, an aging scholar, still lives in his family manse although he has no servants and the estate suffers from lack of attention.


Ban Olfden

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